Club juggling

In our traditional club juggling act the clubs fly from juggler to juggler creating astounding patterns in the space between them. In this fast paced act you’ll see many difficult tricks as the amount of clubs in the air increases.

©Tarmo Valmela

LED-club juggling

Our LED-juggling act is a highly visual and enchanting piece. The patterns of the clubs are more visible and the clubs create a magical atmosphere as they illuminate the space. You can see the clubs in action in our trailer of the act, Välke, but the video won’t take you even close to the feeling that the live act can offer.

Välke – trailer

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©Mikko Pirinen

Fire juggling

As the night grows dark the only way to properly light the way is an fire juggling act. Our fire show is a great additiong to the parties at evening as our torches and staves cut through the darkness and the flames burn bright.

©Tarmo Valmela

Knife Throwing

In this dangerous and skillful act knives are thrown precisely to a wall close to the assistant. This thrilling show is sure to give your event the missing piece that the quests will remember for the rest of their lives!

©Tarmo Valmela

Ympäriämpäri – Bucket juggling

Is seeing a juggler performing his routine on your bucketlist? We have just what you need! This high-energy act is sure to entertain with the clever tricks and rhythmic catches.

©Eetu Ranta

Solo Juggling

Kanerva’s solo juggling piece is an elegant and remarkably skillful act in which the clubs fly through the air in beautiful patterns.

©Tarmo Valmela

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